Tyga Disses Drake! Calls Drake a Fake Person In His Interview With Vibe Magazine


Bang! Bang! Young Money rapper Tyga just fired shots at the entire young money crew! He even went as far to say that he doesn’t like Drake and that he thinks Drake is a fake person! Check out a snippet of his Vibe magazine article below: Is Young Money a part of the creative process

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Jennifer Lopez Signs $28 Million Deal to Do Shows In Las Vegas!!!


Jamie Foxx often jokes that he knew Jennifer Lopez back in the day when they said “Hey Ho” instead of J-Lo. Needless to say, Jennifer Lopez has come a long long way since her days performing in “In Living Color” as a struggling dancer trying to make ends meet. Needless to say as well, J-Lo

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Tyrese Responds To Acqtuisations That He Sucked John Singleton’s D*Ck To Get The Baby Boy Role

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.44.11 PM

Earlier today comedian Spanky Hayes accused Tyrese of getting on his knees for the Baby Boy role. And by getting on his knees we don’t mean to beg or to pray. Enough said. Tyrese struck back with the following video…see both videos below.

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[VIDEO] President Obama Turns “Ghetto” After Guy Tells Him Not to Touch His Girlfriend. LOFL


If there was any doubting President Obama’s “Brutha,” this video will prove you wrong. He can get a little stuffy being in the white house all the time, but you clearly see he hasn’t lost touch in this video!

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Grandpa Still Got It! Old Man Absolutely Whips Young Dude in a Boxing Match!


This has to be one of the more embarrassing things that I’ve encountered in a good minute. The young whipper snapper stepped in the ring relatively cocky and probably thought it would be a light day of target practice. He was right, but it turns out that he was the actual target and not the

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Nicki Minaj Boyfriend Safaree Removes His Nicki Minaj Tattoos


Nicki Minaj and her manager / boyfriend have been rumored to be broken up for quite some time now. Speculation started a few months back when Nicki Minaj posted a picture of her with the caption “single and ready to mingle.” As you could imagine, every dude and their mom propositioned her at that point,

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Former USC Player LenDale White Goes Off on Pat Haden…Gets Kicked Out of Stadium


Pat Haden showed very little love to former USC running back after being criticized. After the Trojans’ 28-26 win against Arizona in Week 7, LenDale White took to Twitter, criticizing USC defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox (tweet contains NSFW language): Lame a– prevent defense will do it to u eveytime. Justin Wilcox u stink. Ur play

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Kim Kardashian Wears a Backless Shirt With All her “Back Out.” Her Butt is Definitely Back!

kim kardashian butt taco bell

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West were out for a Sunday afternoon stroll in Calabasas! The two caught a movie, but Kim was in the mood for Taco Bell before because movie popcorn makes her butt too big…like bigger than it is now. She was wearing a backless shirt that perfectly accentuated her trademark…that curvy rump.

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T.I. Rocking a Dashiki While In Africa. Coming to America 2!

T.I. Dashiki ebola

T.I. headed to Tanzania to perform in spite of the Ebola scare currently sweeping the nation and the Ebola epidemic sweeping West Africa. Earlier he was wearing an Ebola mask, but it looks like he switched out of that and traded it in for a Dashiki! He’s definitely looking like coming to America 2! T.I.

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Migos Does Flying Punch To Someone in The Crowd Talking Smack! [VIDEO]


Migos noticed someone talking smack in the audience and decided to catch them with a Mortal Combat style flying punch. It almost seems surreal, but one of the the Migos members literally jumps off of a 6-7 foot stage with his fist cocked ready to do some damage! Needless to say, he must’ve really gotten

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Wiz Khalifa Kicking it with a Blond Thot In Vegas. She Calls Herself Hustler Barbie


Wiz has been getting it in since him and Amber Rose broke off their marriage. Last night he was kicking it with a new blonde Thot who calls herself Hustler Barbie. We’re not quite sure what she hustles, but she considers herself to be a lady of leisure. That only means a few things to

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T.I. Goes to Africa. Say’s He’s Not Scared of Ebola, But He Wears a Mask Just In Case.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.09.43 AM

T.I. headed to Tanzania in Arica where Tip is scheduled to perform and he’s reportedly not worried about catching Ebola. Other artists have addressed Ebola in different ways. Chris Brown said he believes Ebola is a “form of population control,” while Cam’ron has made custom Ebola masks. Meanwhile, Fabolous said cuffing season is on hold

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Nick Cannon and Amber Rose Dating? Spend time Together at Knotts Berry Farm


Nick Cannon and Amber Rose were spotted going up-and-down like a roller coaster. That’s because they were on a roller coaster. Nick Cannon and Amber Rose are showing off their new found friendship by hanging out at the Knott’s Berry Farm in California. According to a video obtained by TMZ, the friends hit up the

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President Obama Refuses to Ban Travel From West Africa Because of Ebola


President Obama is a man of logic and can almost certainly be counted on to gather all of the facts before making a rush judgement. Putting things into perspective, the president refused to ban travel from West Africa due to the public hysteria sweeping the U.S. via Fox News President Obama on Saturday repeated his

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DMX Spends $250,000 To Save His Ex Wife’s Home From Foreclosure

DMX Saves ex wifes home

DMX may bark like a dog as part of his persona, but he’s a very good dude at his core. He recently prevented his ex wife’s home from going into foreclosure by paying $250,000 to Uncle Sam. The two purchased the property back in 2012 and Comerica bank was ready to close on the property

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Hard Times For the President! President Obama Credit Card Declined while Eating Dinner With Michelle!


First off, we’re amazed that president Obama had to pay for his own dinner. You’d think that mostly everything would be complimentary as the Prez of the United Stats. Turns out that the President attempted to pay for his own mean and his credit card was denied in the process. Luckily, the first lady had

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Joanne Borgella Dies From Cancer at 32


life is extremely precious and often short lived. According to TmZ: Former “American Idol” contestant Joanne Borgella died Saturday at the age of 32 … after fighting for the past year against what she described as a “rare case” of cancer. Borgella’s family broke the news on her Facebook page Saturday … saying the singer

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Inmate Claims to Have Ebola. Entire Courtroom Clears!


During sentencing, Inmate Bob Turner claimed to have ebola. The judge didn’t necessarily believe him based on his response, but he took every precaution necessary and evacuated the courtroom… He better not try to escape because he’ll likely be gunned down. I doubt if any officer tries to engage him in a fist fight or

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Drake Airball 3 Pointer While Warming Up With Kentucky!


Drake made a guest appearance at Kentucky’s Big Blue Madness event to kick off the season. Like a boss, he walked out first, “brushed” himself off with a Lint roller, then introduced coach Caliperi. Unlike a boss though, the did shoot an air ball in the layup line. Guess you can’t be a boss at

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