Charles Barkley Condemns Black! “Black People Are Unsuccessful Because of Other Black People.”

charles barkley black people

Charles Barkley may have retired from basketball, but he is still going hard in the paint…unfortunately, towards black people. It’s Charles Barkley’s opinion that black people are not successful because of other black people! He raises one or two valid points, but his argument lacks substance and isn’t clearly thought through. Watch the Video below:

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Keyshia Cole Piano Dance. Twitter Goes Ham On Her! [VIDEO]

keyshia cole piano

Black Twitter went so hard on Keyshia Cole that she decided to take down an IG of her sexily dancing on a piano. Personally, I don’t see the issue. She looked incredibly sexy dancing on top of her Piano. Check out the video below:

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Hall of Fame Baseball Player Jose Conseco Shoots Off His Finger While Cleaning His Gun.

If the steroids controversy doesn’t catch up with him, Jose Conseco will be a future hall of famer. Unfortunately, he’ll also be missing his middle finger after tonight as well. Jose Conseco accidentally shot it off while cleaning his gun. He’s undergoing surgery to re-attach it, but it will likely never properly function after tonight.

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Birdman Addresses The Beef Between Drake and TYGA. Says You’re Either In Or You’re Out!


Cash Money YMCMB boss Birdman finally addresses the ongoing beef between Tyga and Drake. To keep it short and simple, Birdman isn’t with the bullsh*t & wants Tyga to choose a side. He says that ether Tyga is in or he’s out.See the video below:

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LeBron James Has His 3rd Kid! Welcome Baby Girl Zhuri!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.09.12 AM

Congratulation to the LeBron James and his wife Savanna who just gave birth to their 3rd child. They kept this one under the radar for a while. Baby girl Zhuri was born in Cleveland Ohio on October 22nd. James married his high school sweetheart in September 2013. The couple have two sons, Bryce Maximus, 7,

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Spanky Hayes Admits To Lying About Tyrese Being Gay, But Continues to Take Shots At Him


Comedian Spanky Hayes has admitted to lying about Tyrese supposedly “sucking John Singleton’s D*ck” to get the baby boy role. Listen to his interview below:

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The Game New Boo India Love Sets The Record Straight About Their Relationshi


You did it Game!!! You Hit the Jack Pot (dad from coming to america voice)! Not only did he just snag one of the baddest in the game, no pun intended, but it seems like she’s genuinely his new ride or die. Game has been fairly public about their relationship and India Love just started

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Drake Kicked Lira Galore Out of His Condo. Now He Got a New Big Booty Chick He Introduced To His Mom!


Drake is on to the next one, but like the last one and the one before and the one before her, she has a massive Donk [picture below]. Something about her is different than Lira Galore though. He introduced her to his mother at her bday celebration this weekend.

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The Snoop Dogg & Iggy Azalea Beef Continues. Say’s There No F*cking Way He’d Collab With Her.


TMZ caught Iggy Azalea at the airport about a week ago and asked her if she’d do a collab with Snoop. She sarcastically laughed it off because she just finished beefing with Snoop and luckily TI played mediator and squashed it. T.I. CHECKS SNOOP DOGG AND SNOOP APOLOGIZES TO IGGY AZALEA TMZ also recently caught

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TYGA Tried to Jump Drake @ The Strip Club! Drake Was About to Put Hands On Him!


Drake is usually a nice guy, but not on this night! He was celebrating his birthday at Stadium in DC when someone, apparently someone from TYGA crew, tried to put hands on Drake’s DJ, Future the Prince. Upon hearing the news, He was so mad that he bull dozed his way through a body guard

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[VIDEO] Young Buck Motorcycle Crash! G Unit!!!!!!

Young Buck Motorcycle Crash G Unit

Young Buck falling off of his motorcycle is symbolic of his career! The man fell off, but he’s getting back on which is most important. Still though, Check out HIm crashing his hog below!

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NFL Player Hank Basket Admits to “Hanging Out” With a Tranny. Tells The FBI She/he’s Extorting Him To Not Release The Sex Tape


Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape, and now so does Hank Basket…but not with her, with a Transexual who is extorting him for money. Hank Baskett has been the center of media attention ever since he embarrassed his wife, former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson, by having an affair with a transexual. Now Hank is saying

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Tiny is Becoming Michael Jackson! She Permanantly Changes Her Eye Color to Blue!


T.I.’s wife Tameka Harris aka Tiny must be going through a midlife crisis! She has gone under the knife several times as of recent and to add to the list, she just permanently changed her eyes blue. I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and loving it! Thank you Dr. Montasser Menif for the

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Walmart Is Racist! 4 Of The Most Undercove Racist “Ads” By Walmart.


Walmart has faced its fair share of criticism, and rightfully so. Although Walmart isn’t directly responsible for these advertisements, Per Sae, I am surprised by Walmart’s lack of oversight given that they spends millions of dollars annually controlling and developing its brand and image. Check out these 4 light weight racist advertisements from Walmart: What

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President Obama Hugs Ebola Patient Nina Pham!!!!!

president Obama Nina Pham

Nina Pham was the first person in the United States to contract the Ebola virus. She was one the nurse who treated patient Thomas Eric Duncan and she unfortunately succumbed to the ebola virus 5 short days after treating Duncan. Nina Pham was transferred to an infectious disease center in Bethesda Maryland where she was treated and cured;

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Hair Weave Killa! Woman Hides Gun In Her Weave & They Find It When She’s In Jail!


Tiffanie Bass was arrested in North Carolina after assaulting someone with a gun in a night club. They arrested her, but could not find the gun. While being processed and booked, guards found something peculiar in her weave…the gun! SMH….

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John Schultz Just Sold For $150,000 Worth of Weed & $50,000 Cash!


Internet Tycoons John Schultz and Chris Hood just sold the domain name to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. All in all, they sold the domain name for $200,000 which consisted of $50,000 in cash and a $150,000 stake in the former governorns weed growing company, Cannabis Sativa, Inc. Schultz & Hood own about 5,000 domain names and they say

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Ray J Basically Just Called Tyga a Child Molester. Tells him To Stop F*ucking Kylie Jenner Cause She’s a Kid! [video]


Either Ray J really feels some type of way about Tyga or he’s doing his best to pick a fight to promote for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Ray J basically called Tyga a child molester in the video below. He explicitly tells Tyga to stop messing with little kids. Tyga is 24 and Kim

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Billionaire NBA & NFL Owner Paul Allen Donates $100 Million to Fight Ebola!

Paul Allen

Microsoft Co-Founder and current NBA & NFL team owner Paul Allen has just donated $100 Million to help fight Ebola! The $100 Million will go towards the development of two medevac containment units that the U.S. State Department can use to safely evacuate health workers who become infected. Allen said he’s working with the World

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