Batman V Superman Trailer. Coming in 2016

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African Businessman Pays $5 Million for Ringside Mayweather Pacquiao Ticket!


Both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will earn more money than any fighter in the history of boxing during their upcoming bout scheduled on May 2nd. Each fighter is expected to have pay days in excess of $100 Million, which will include proceeds from pay per view, ticket sales, merchandising, etc.; full boat. If their

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How Both Mayweather & Pacquiao Will Each Make More Than $100 Million For Their Fight!


LOS ANGELES β€” No matter who wins the richest boxing match in history on May 2, Manny Pacquiao will receive part of his pay the next business day from his promoter, Bob Arum. β€œOn Monday morning, I will hand Manny a check for $50 million as a down payment, guaranteed,” Arum said. It is a bit more

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Miss Jessie’s Hair Founder Commits Suicide! Sister Says Her Boyfriend Drove Her Crazy to Collect her $2 Million Insurance Policy!!


Titi Branch had it all β€” a multimillion-dollar hair-care empire she built up from a humble Brooklyn salon, a loving sister who was her business partner and confidante, and a boyfriend with whom she dreamed of starting a family. Yet three weeks before Christmas, she fell into a depression so deep, she would not escape

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7 Year Old Posing With Guns & Weed on Instagram!!!!!


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Rihanna Snorting Coke on Her Tour Bus!!! Video!


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Suge Knight Murder Victim Just Blamed Himself! Suge Will be Free Soon!!!!


Suge Knight is the luckiest man in the world! One of his recent victims…one of the 2 dudes that he ran over with his car, 1 of whom died, just essentially blamed himself for the other persons murder!!!! Either Suge Knight is lucky or he still has clout!!!! Maybe he paid the other guy to

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Chris Brown Finally Claims His Daughter!


It appears that Chris Brown is finally stepping up to the plate and publicly claiming is 9 month old duaghter Royalty. Chris recently took this picutre with his daughter and posted it to instagram. He posted it to his instagram so you “know it’s real!” She’s adorable isn’t she!   

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Newspaper Crops Out Kim Kardashian Because She’s “too much of a h*”


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been traveling through Jarusalem recently, but an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish website is doing everything it can to pretend Kim doesn’t exist. Kikar HaShabbat reposted Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat’s photo (original below) with the couple and photoshopped a receipt over Kim. And in the article she was only referred to as “Kanye’s wife.” An editor says the censorship was

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Rihanna Sniffing Cocaine on Her Tour Bus!!! Video


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Madonna Kisses Drake on Stage. See His Response!!!!


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