Jaden Smith Wears Women’s Clothing & Makeup In New Louis Vuitton Ad.

SHARE THIS POST IF IT’S WORTHY Is Jaden Smith fashion forward or a fashion failure? Consider him what you will, he’s turning heads and bringing in some major money as a male model who models female clothing for Louis Vuitton. SHARE THIS POST IF IT’S WORTHY

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Rodney Williams Use to Sale Pampers. He Started Lisnr & Raised $15 Million With His Idea. Support Him!

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.53.21 PM

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST IF IT’S WORTHY Rodney Williams use to sale Pampers before he came up with a brilliant idea that is making him lots of money and literally changing the world! He started a company called LISNR and they made $3million in revenue in 2015. More impressively, they’ve been able raise more than

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Caught on Tape! Police Officer Chokes Kid & Snaps His Neck!

police officer breaks kids neck

The young man on this video suffered a broken neck at the hands of a Texas police officer. The entire thing looked completely unjustified! One officer was evan caught by surprise that his fellow officer responded in this manner! Watch the video!

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Meek Mill Caught Lying! Steals Kevin Harts Instagram Photo to Pretend Like He Himself Sold out a Show. Caught!

kevin hart meek mill

Things can’t be getting much worse for Kevin Hart…the man that Drake infamously called “twitter fingers.” Unfortunately, Meek is living up to the hype. He recently posted a picture of a sold out show on instagram pretending that it was his show. Unfortunately for him, someone from Kevin Hart’s crew called him out on it.

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Three 6 Mafia Member Dies

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.13.13 AM

At 12:55 a.m., Three 6 Mafia’s Koopsta Knicca passed away following a stroke. Koopsta – born Robert Cooper Phillips – reportedly had a brain aneurysm days ago. The following day DJ Paul asked fans of Three 6 Mafia to keep Koopsta in their prayers as he faced a “serious operation.” “Dr. said we need a miracle

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Kevin Hart & Trey Songz Set a Girl’s Hair on Fire!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.17.59 PM

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Secret Service Detains Kanye West for violating Hillary Clinton!!!!


Turns out that kanye west and Kim kardashian snagged the only photo of Hillary Clinton at an event last night where attendees were specifically told not to take any pictures. kanye tried to take an initial selfie, but he was bum rushed by the secret service and thrown to the ground. Hillary Clinton stepped in

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50 Funniest Memes From the Meek Mill Drake Beef!

Hands down, the 50 funniest meek mill memes on the internet right about now!                                                                             

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50 Funniest Meek Mill & Drake Beef Memes


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Tyga’s Transgender Bae Says She’s Tired of Him Keeping Her a Secret!


Transgender actress Mia Isabella has remained rather mum on the allegations that she and rapper Tyga have had a sexual relationship throughout the years. Though neither have confirmed nor denied that the texts and photos were actually between the two of them, Tyga has since gotten the F.B.I. involved while Mia went on Instagram to

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WWE Owner Vince McMahon On Live Tv: “Wussup Mah N*gga!”

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 8.22.11 AM

The hypocrisy!  Vince McMahon and the WWE are cutting its ties with Hulk Hogan because he used the word “n*gger” on camera 8 years ago. As seen in the video here, Vince McMahon is doing the same thing!

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Lil Wayne Spits in a Referees Face at a Stop the Violence Basketball Game!


Lil Wayne’s got some explaining to do…In my opinion. Lil Wayne is facing a little bit of heat for spitting in a referees face during a “stop the violence celebrity basketball game.” Wayne apparently grew frustrated with the referees calls and decided to take matters into his own hands. This is when things turned south.

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Apple Signs Drake. Gives Him $19 Million to Guest DJ!


The New York Post reports Apple is rumored to be recruiting Drake, Pharrell, and David Guetta as part of a proposed $19 million deal to beef up the tech giant’s iTunes Radio service. Claire Atkinson reports the following via The Post: “Apple is in talks to sign a rumored $19 million deal to get ‘Started

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Lebron james and Kyrie Irving Try Shooting Left handed in practice. Both suck!!!!


Lebron may be the most dominant player in the game, but he sucks when it comes to shooting with his left hand! Kyrie Irving too. #LeBronJames and #KyrieIrving showing it's better to stick to being their usual righties. #Cavs #Cavaliers #TheLand #NBAFinals #BleacherReport #TheNBAWriterLife A video posted by Jared Zwerling (@jaredzwerling) on Jun 1, 2015

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Bruce Jenner First Photo as a Woman. His/Her Breast Are Huge!!!!


The Bruce Jenner of old seems to be no more! He is now a she and her name is Caitlyn. She has breast, a shaved Adams apple and EVERYTHING else that we’d expect a woman to have. See her new photo that will grace the cover of Vanity Fair:       

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Allen Iverson Signs Multi-million Dollar Endorsement Deal!


SOCK YOU OUT … I’m Back In Endorsement Game,” tweeted TMZ Sports, who covered the story. The deal is a reminder of what Iverson used to be during his prime. He came in forth as one of the most revered players, having been loved by fans and the corporate world alike. His boat, however, capsized

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Her 2nd Baby!


North West is about to become a big sister!Kim Kardashian revealed that she’s expecting her second child with Kanye West in the supertease following tonight’s mid-season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The clip shows Kim hearing the exciting news during a doctor’s appointment shortly before spilling the beans to Khloé Kardashian. “I just

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50 Cent Suing Rick Ross For Releasing The Sex Tape First



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6 Make UP Transformation That You Wont Believe Are Real!


You can never be too careful in 2015. Some women spend hundreds of dollars contouring their faces with make up, which can give them a completely differnt look compared to who they actually are. In fairness, I’ve also seen men “contour” their faces.          

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Old White Man Dancing on a Young Black Chick In The Middle of a Swap Meet! Giggin!

old white man dancing

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