Oh F*ck!!! UFC Fighter Gets His Eye Kicked Out of His Head!!!!


UFC Fighter Gets His EYE Kicked Out of His Head! See video below:

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Guy Falls Off Treadmill Looking at a Big Booty Girl

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Racist Sony Execs Warned Not to Cast Denzel!!!!!!


In spite of staunch warnings not to cast Denzel Washington in the equalizer because he’s black, Equalizer was an incredibly successful film. Check out the email below from the hollywood executive urging Sony not to though: The producer who sent the e-mail to Sony Chairman Michael Lynton said he or she hoped the incredible statement

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Jeremih Gives a Waitress a $19 Tip After Receiving $2000 in Free Liquor!

jermih stripper tip

A King of Diamond waitress, Loreal, is putting Jeremih on blast!!!! He apparently received over $2000 in complimentary liquor and he only tipped her $19. He should have atleast threw a couple of bills. She was apparently so upset that the threw the $19 in the stripper pile.

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50 Cent Signs a $78 Million Deal With an Underwear Company. Frigo Underwear.


50 Cent continues to grow his investment/business portfolio. Today he inked a deal with Frigo underwear for $78 Million!!!!! Frigo RevolutionWear is an underwear brand that 50 Cent has been supporting for a while now; 50 hosted their LAUNCH PARTY EARLIER THIS YEAR. Fellow New York celebrities Derek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony REPORTEDLY HAVE STAKES

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Kylie Jenner Takes a New Ass Selfie. Tries to Get Tyga to Fall for the Bait!

Kylie Jenner is desperate for Tyga’s attention that she’s resorting to taking ass selfies to entice him. He hasn’t been hanging with her as of late because of all of the scrutiny that he’s come under for being with an underage girl. Kylie is 17 and Tyga is 25. Our sources say that she misses

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Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Have a Foursome with Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin!


From the looks of things, it appears that Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Hailey Baldwin & Kendall Jenner have been hanging out together at the same places. 18 Year old Kendall Jenner has had a crush on Breezy for a while now, and now that he’s all done with Karrueche, it looks like she’s trying to

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Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby’s wife, Speaks Out. Calls Bill Cosby The Victim!!!


In spite of the 20+ women who have accused Bill Cosby of raping them throughout the years, Camille Cosby says that she is sticking by her man. Furthermore, she went as far to say that Bill Cosby is the victim in all of this!!!!! See her comments below:

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15 Year Old Shot in Chicago Trying to Protect His Twin Brother


Another young life was lost in Chicago due to senseless violence. Demario and Demarcio Bailey were walking to an Englewood High School basketball game when four robbers ambushed the 15-year-old twins on a street corner Saturday afternoon. “Get off my brother,” Demario cried out as the young men shook up their pockets and demanded their

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Sony Executive Amy Pascal calls TV: “the new black baby” in hacked emails


I’m surprised that Amy Pascal still has a job! The North Koreans hacked into her email and found some pretty racially insensitive if not down right racist emails. Sony co-chair Amy Pascal’s off-color jokes about President Obama weren’t the only racial comments found in her hacked e-mails, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. The beleaguered industry exec

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Kim Kardashian Crops North West Out of Her Selfie!!!!


Kim Kardashian has to be one of the most narcissistic people ever to crop her own daughter out of her selfie! In fairness, I understand that not every picture taken will be a good picture and she probably wants to control North West’s image as much as possible, but don’t crop her out of a

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Beyonce Caught Stealing! Now she’s being sued!!!

Timbaland, Beyonce & Jay Z are being sued for stealing someones music and creating Drunk in love. Timbaland, who apparently produced the track, digitally manipulated the intro to the song Bajba, Bajbja and used it as the intro to what became Beyonce’s Drunk in Love. Listen to the original track: Now listen to the digitally

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Sugah Daddy By D’Angelo!!! He On Some New Sh*t! Listen


It has been 15 years since D’Angelo’s hit “How Does it Feel.” He’s back with a new “hit” single, but it’s definitely different than the D’Angelo we heard some 15 years ago. Listen Below:

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Mamba Moment! Nike Releases New Shoe to celebrate Kobe passing Jordan on the all time scoring list!!!!


Nike Just released a new shoe to Commemorate the historic moment where Kobe Passed Jordan on the NBA’s all time scoring list. The shoe will retail for $245 and will be available via Nike ID which enables customers to personalize the coloring on the shoe. Congrats to Kobe!!!!!

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Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan on the NBA’s All time scoring list.


It’s official like a referee with a whistle!!! Kobe Bryant has just surpassed his idol, Michael Jordan, to become 3rd non the NBA all time scoring list. Nike just released a new shoe, Mamba Moment, to celebrate Kobe’s accomplishment. The show will retail for $245… Kobe Bryant surpassed Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all-time scoring

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Birdman Insults Lil Wayne. Says He’ll Die before he releases him from his contract!


Birdman might be offended by lil Wayne’s recent public remarks about wanting off of the cash money label, but there is no way in hell that birdman is going to give up lil Wayne or let him out of his contract. He went on the record and said that he hasn’t released Wayne’s carter 5

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Watch Ray J Fight & Give Fabolous The Beat Down!


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[VIDEO] Plies Goes Goon On His Mom!!! Plies Gave His Mom $2,000 For a Christmas, She Bought One For a Dollar & Kept The Change!


Plies went goon on his mom who he apparently gave $2000 to purchase a Christmas tree, but who instead purchased a Christmas tree from the dollar general then pocketed the change.

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