Police Officer Darren Wilson Found NOT GUILTY of Murdering Black Teenager Michael Brown


DEVELOPING STORY As expected, the criminal justice system has reached a verdict of not guilty, exonerating police officer Darren Wilson of first degree murder of black teenager Michael Brown and all other potential charges. The jury could have reached one of several verdicts, including: first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter, said Ed

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Verdict Reached in Michael Brown vs. Darren Wilson Case


The Saint Louis County Prosecutor’s office has just announced the grand jury has reached a decision in the fatal Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown. We heard of he news this morning after Brown’s family lawyer Benjamin Crump made the announcement. Prosecutor Bob McCulloch is expected to announce the outcome of their deliberations soon. The

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Beyonce 7/11 video. Crazy, Sexy, Cool!


Beyonce released a low budget film of her clowning around and dancing called 7/11. Shows she can be sexy and goofy all in one!!!

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Kylie Jenner Herpes? Why is Her Mouth Getting So Much Attention @ the AMAs


For the record, Kylie Jenner doesn’t have herpes…not as far as we know. Her mouth however, was getting tons of attention tonight at the American Music Awards. Not because of her lips, which people are speculating are collagen injected, but she took a page out of big sister Khloe Kardashian’s book and got herself some

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Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Lopez Heat Up the Stage at the AMAs. Booty Was Flying Everywhere


J Lo and Iggy Azalea heat up the stage and closed out the AMA show by flaunting their most famous ass-ets! Our favorite part of the performance came about mid-way through when J-Lo yelled out “Booty Call.” AppropriATE given that J-Lo is the original queen of booty and responsible for brining it to the mainstream

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Bill Cosby Has Supporters Too!!! Faizon Love Calls Hannibal Burress a House Ni**A & Says He Supports Bill Cosby!


Remember Big Worm from Friday? He’s a comedian/actor and one of the few human beings on god’s green who has come out in support of “alleged” rapist Bill Cosby! He had a field day on twitter and Instagram calling all types of people b’s & h’s for standing up for the alleged victims and not

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20 Pictures of PAWG Sarah Oliver…WOW!!!!


Sarah Oliver is a PAWG and proud of it. For those of you who don’t know PAWG stands for Phat (fat) Ass White Girl. Check out 20+ pictures of Sarah Oliver below:

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Guarantee This Will Make You Cry! Cara Simmons had no Clue Whose House She Was Cleaning!


Housekeeper Cara Simmons go the surprise of her life!!!! You’ll never believe whose house she was cleaning; and neither does she! Watch the video below and please share this post. We need more good like this to happen:

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R&B Singer Monica Is Doing Bad…But Getting Better!!!! She Quit Music To Become a Nurse!!!!!!!!


Remember late 90s R&B sensation Monica? She made the song with Brandy…”The Boy is Mine.” Apparently her music royalties have dried up and she has decided to pursue nursing school to support herself. Nurses make good money, at least six figures a year, but this is still a far cry from the millions of dollars

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FSU Lawyer Shoots a Student In the Back, But The Bullet Hit His Books! Kills 4 Others


Rarely does something like this happen in real life! An FSU student was walking out of the campus library before a maniac went on a rampage ultimately killing 4 people and wounding several other. He heard the gun shots, but didn’t think that he was a target. The hole in his back pack tells a

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Samoli Pirate Actor Mohammed Abdi From Captain Philips Jailed For Stomping A Man At a Bar!!!

Mohammed Abdi, the Samoli pirate who played alongside Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips, is apparently ABOUT THAT LIFE! He played a very convincing role on screen and it appears that he has some of these characteristics in real life. The 27-year-old was jailed for two-and-a-half years for his ‘deplorable’ attacks by a judge who said

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NBA Baller John Wall Just Got Hazel Renee Pregnant. She’s a Booty Model

Hazel Renee is a booty Model and soon to be a we’ll take care of booty model. She hit the jack pot! If she wants, she can probably collect a nice pay check for the next 18 years, if John Walls basketball career lasts that long. After all, the average NBA career is very short

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Marshawn Lynch Personally Returns a Wallet to a Fan Who Lost It At a Gas Station

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but he’s rebuilding his brand year by year and proving that he’s a good guy. A fan got a special treat yesterday. “Jason Lynch” apparently lost his wallet at a gas station yesterday, which Marshawn Lynch retrieved and personally returned

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Nick Cannon Got Amber Rose Pregnant?


New details have surfaced alleging that Nick Cannon got Amber Rose pregnant while he was still with Mariah Carey!!!! We can’t confirm this, but several sites are currently reporting this. Nick Cannon did recently become Amber Rose’s “manager.” The timing was suspect given that both he and Amber Rose both broke up with their significant

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Kobe Bryant Scores 32000 Career Points. 290 Shy of Michael Jordan’s Record.


Kobe Bryant scored 32,000 career points last night helping the Lakers to their 2nd victory of the season over the Atlanta Hawks. Kobe currently stands 290 points away from Michael Jordan’s record and only 3 other players have ever scored 32,000 points in their careers: Kareem, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan. Here is the play below:

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Whoa…Nicki Minaj Loses More Weight!!! Her Waist is Tiny Now!!!!


Nicki Minaj appears to have been hitting the gym as of late. Her waist and stomach continue to flatten, but she must also be doing squats because her rump seems to maintain. We caught up with Nicki, Drake and Wayne at her recent video shoot for “Only” and we snapped a few pics.

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Kim Kardashian Shows News Anchor How She Balanced Champagne Glass On Her Booty!


Kim Kardashian is a woman of many talents…maybe not many, but she’s a master at capitalizing off of what she’s good at. She broke the internet with nude pictures of her balancing a champagne glass on her booty and now she’s sharing her talents with others. Watch as Kim Kardashian teaches Australian news anchor how

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Chris Brown Does it Again! Writes Tupac Rap Lyrics On His $500,000 Lambo. Smh.


Chris Brown is too rich! Too rich to the point where he recently hired artist Huero to paint Tupac lyrics all over the hood and the roof of his $500,000 lamborghini. he lyrics are from Tupac’s song lord knows. To Keep it PG for the kids, Chris Brown made sure that the artist didn’t use

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Kevin Hart Goes In On Jameis Winston!!! Tells Him to stop Doing Dumb Sh*t!


College football player and NFL prospect Jameis Winston will be an incredibly rich man in another year or two. A millionaire. With this in mind, Kevin Hart decided to tell him to stop doing “dumb shit,” which was a reference to Jameis Winston being caught stealing crab legs from the grocery store. True story. Jameis

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Keke Palmers Nipple Steal The Show at the Red Carpet [pictures]!!!!!


Nude Photos of Keke Palmer leaked about a month ago. She’s continuing to ride this wave, it seems, with more suggestive clothing during red carpet appearances and other events. NUDE PICTURES OF KEKE PALMER!!!!!! She recently appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Imitation Games and she stole the show even though she

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